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Utilize this free Subtracting Mixed Numbers Calculator tool to calculate the difference between two mixed numbers. To get the instant answer by using this tool, just fill the input fields and select the arithmetic operation and tap the calculate button.

Ex. 1 3/4 - 2 7/8 (or) 3 5/7 - 1 3/7 (or) 1 9/11 - 4 13/17


How to Subtract Mixed Numbers?

Subtracting mixed numbers is simple and easy. Adding and subtracting mixed numbers is same. Just convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions and change the arithmetic operation in the formula you will get the answer.

(A divided by b) - (c divided by d)= (a multiplied by d) - (b multiplied by c)/ (b multiplied by d)

Formula of Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Here, we will see the formula of subtracting mixed numbers.

Formula, (a/b)-(c/d) = (a * d) - (b * C)/ (b *d).


a/b, c/d are fractions.

a,b,c,d are integers.

Steps for Subtracting Mixed Fractions

Please follow the below steps to know how to subtract mixed numbers manually.

  • Take any two mixed fractions.
  • Just convert the two mixed numbers to improper fractions.
  • Then, apply the formula.
  • Simplify, the subtraction of two mixed numbers.
  • That's simple, you will get the answer.
  • Then, finally you can convert it again into mixed number.

Subtracting Mixed Numbers With Example


Question: Solve 12(6/7) - 5(7/6)?


Given, input values 12(6/7), 5(7/6)

Convert mixed fractions into improper fractions

Mixed fraction 1: 12(6/7) = ((12 * 7)+6)/7 = 90/7

Mixed fraction 2: 5(7/6) = ((5 * 6)+ 7)/6 = 37/6

Formula of Subtracting two numbers

a/b - c/d = ad - bc / bd

12(6/7) - 5(7/6) = (90 * 6) - (37 * 7)/ (7 * 6)

540 - 259/ 42 = 281/42

Change the fraction into mixed number

281/42 = 6(29/42)

Subtraction of two mixed numbers is 6(29/42)

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FAQs on Subtracting Mixed Numbers Calculator

1. How to use Subtracting Mixed Numbers Calculator?

To use subtracting mixed numbers calculator, just give the input values and select the arithmetic operation and click on calculate button. Then you will see the answer in split seconds.

2. What is the formula for subtracting mixed numbers?

Formula for subtracting mixed numbers is a/b - c/d = ad - bc / bd

3. What is the best tool to subtract mixed numbers easily?

Subtracting mixed numbers calculator is the best tool in to subtract mixed numbers. In this calculator, not only you can use calculator but also find step by step process, formulas and definitions to do it manually.