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Fraction Calculator

Fractions Calculator:  Utilise this Fraction Calculator to add, subtract, multiply or divide any two fractions and mixed numbers easily. You can also get the free tools on fraction conversions, its square root and so on. Just enter the fractions details in the specified input sections of the calculator and click on the calculate button to display the result within seconds.

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FAQs on Fractions

1. How to use Fractions Calculator?

Provide the fractions in the input fields of the calculator and tap on the calculate button. The output will get appeared on the screen with detailed steps.

2. How to Convert Fraction to Decimal on Calculator?

Give fraction as input and press the calculate button to get the decimal form as output.

3. Can calculators reduce fractions?

Use the Reducing Fractions Calculator to reduce a fraction to its lowest term, decimal number and mixed number.

4. Define fraction and its types?

A fraction represents a part of a whole number. It has numerator, denominator. Where numerator represents the number of equal parts while denominator represents the total number of parts. An example of a fraction is 1/2. The different types of fractions are proper fraction, improper fraction, mixed fraction and unit fraction.

5. What is the best online website that offers all Fraction Calculators? is a genuine website where you can find the Fractions Calculator to make all your calculations.

Fraction Calculator