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Utilize this simple and free Reducing Fraction Calculator tool which is very useful for reducing the fractions. Just simply enter the input fields in the given boxes and then tap on calculate. You will see the answer within a blink of an eye.

Ex: Reducing Fraction of 25/10 (or) Reducing Fraction of 46/22 (or) Reducing Fraction of 57/15


What is Reducing Fractions?

Before going to know about Reducing fractions, first we will see what is Fraction mean? Fraction is nothing but ratio of two numbers.

Coming to Reducing Fraction, it is nothing but finding the lowest form of fraction, which we need to divide both numerator and denominator by the Greatest common factor(GCF) until this common factor becomes 1.

How to Find Reducing Fractions?

The Process to find Reducing Fractions Calculator is listed below.

  • First, you need to write down the fraction given in the problem.
  • Then find what is the greatest common factor for those two numbers.
  • Then, the divide both the numbers with taht common factor.
  • That's simple, you will get the answer

Reducing Fractions with Examples?

Example 1

How to reduce a fraction 16/24 to its lowest term?


For the fraction 16/24, 16 is the numerator and 24 is the denominator

GCF of 16 is 8

GCFof 24 is 8

16/24 = (16 ÷ 8)/(24÷ 8)

= 2/3

Therefore, 16/24 can be reduced to the simple form of fractions as 2/3

Example 2

Reduce the fraction 118/12 to its lowest term?


The given fraction is 118/12

118/12 = 59/6

The exact form of a fraction is 59/6

The decimal form of the fraction is 9.8333

The improper fraction is 9(10/12).

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FAQs on Reducing Fractions

1. How do you reduce a fraction?

You can reduce a fraction by dividing both the numerator and denominator with GCF.

2. How to simplify large fractions quickly?

You can use our Reducing Fractions Calculator on our page to simplify large fractions too quickly and easily.

3. Where can I get Reducing Fractions with Examples?

You can find Reducing Fractions Examples on our Reducing Fractions calculator page.