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Number Plus Fraction Calculator

Number Plus Calculator is a handy tool that helps to calculate the addition of a whole number and fraction in less amount of time. Just enter the fraction, whole number as inputs and hit the calculate button to get the output quickly.

Ex: 2+(3/5) (or) 4+(13/15) (or) 5+(7/15)


Here are some samples of Number plus Fraction calculations.

Whole Number Plus Fraction Calculator: Trying to add a whole number, fraction and don't know how to do calculations in an easy manner. Then we are here to help in adding fraction and whole number with an instant Fraction Plus Number Calculator. This tool helps to find the sum of fraction and whole number. Check the manual steps and examples of adding a fraction and whole number in the below sections.

Steps to Add Number and Fraction

Check out the rules and guides on how to find number plus fraction manually. Follow them to get the answer easily & quickly.

  • Take the whole number, fraction to perform addition operation.
  • Write the whole number in the fraction form by adding 1 in the denominator.
  • Find the L.C.M of denominators that will be the denominator of the fraction.
  • Multiply the number numerator, denominator with the L.C.M.
  • Add the numerators to get the addition.

Addition of Fraction and Whole Number

A fraction is a part of whole and it has numerator, denominator. The example of a fraction is 1/5. The combination of a whole number and a fraction is called a mixed fraction represented as a(b/c).

The process of adding a number to the fraction is called number plus fraction. If A is the number and B/C is the fraction, then

A + B/C = (AC + B)/C

Or A + B/C = A(B/C)

Example Questions on Number Plus Fraction

Question 1: Calculate addition of 6 + 5/8?


The given expression is 6 + 5/8

6 can be written as 6/1 in fraction format

Given fractions are 6/1 and 5/8

L.C.M of 1, 8 is 8

6/1 + 5/8 = (6x8 + 5x1)/8

= (48 + 5)/8

= 53/8

Therefore, 6 + 5/8 = 53/8.

Number Plus Fraction Calculator

How to Use Number Plus Fraction Calculator

  • Give the number and fraction at the specified input section.
  • Press on the calculate button available after the input boxes.
  • The resultant fraction will get displayed at the output section within seconds.

Frequently Asked Question's on Fraction Plus Whole Number

1. What is meant by whole number plus fraction?

The combination of the addition of a whole number and fraction is called a mixed number.

2. How to add fractions with a whole number?

Give the whole number and fraction in the specified input boxes of the calculator. Click the calculate button to get the addition as result.

3. Add 5 to 8/3.

5 + 8/3 = (5/1) + (8/3)

= (5 x 3)/3 + 8/3 = 15/3 + 8/3

= 23/3

4. What is the formula to find Whole Number Plus Fraction?

The formula to solve whole number plus fraction is (ac + b)/c.