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Get this free online Mixed Numbers Calculator tool that allows you to calculate the arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Just you need to enter input values in the given input fields and select the operation, then hit the calculate button, so that you will see the answer in fraction of seconds.

Ex. 1 3/4 + 2 7/8 (or) 3 5/7 - 1 3/7 (or) 1 9/11 × 4 13/17


What is a Mixed Number?

Mixed number can be defined as a combination of whole number and proper fraction that place together. By combining three numbers mixed numbers can be created. One is numerator, denominator, and a whole number. On this basis of this combination mixed number is a partially whole number and partially a fraction.

How to Simplify Arithmetic Operations of Mixed Numbers?

Below are some simple steps that are useful to arithmetic operations of two mixed numbers. Just go through the guidelines carefully to find the result easily.

  • First, write down the given mixed numbers to make arithmetic operations.
  • Now, Convert Mixed number into improper fraction.
  • Then, you can make the arithmetic operations like add, subtract, multiply and divide the two fractions.
  • The fraction which we get is the final result.

Solved Example of Mixed Number


Question: Find the multiplication of mixed fractions 63(4/6) and 62(3/6).


The given mixed numbers are 63(4/6) and 62(3/6)

Converting mixed fraction into fraction.

63(4/6) = (63 x 6 + 4)6

= 382/6 = 191/3

62(3/6) = (62 x 6 + 3)/6)

= 375/6 = 125/5

Multiply fractions 191/3 and 125/2

= (191 x 125)/(3 x 2)

= 23875/6

In order to get the Mixed Number, we need to divide 23875 ÷ 6 to get the Quotient and Remainder

23875/6 = 3979(1/6)

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FAQs on Mixed Numbers Calculator

1. What is Mixed Number?

Mixed number is nothing but a combination of partial fraction and partial whole number that placed together.

2. What are some examples of mixed numbers?

Example of mixed fraction if we see: Ram has one apple and half apple, it can be expressed in mixed fraction as 1 (1/2).

3. How to use Mixed Numbers Calculator?

Mixed numbers calculator can be used to simplify mixed numbers. First, give the two mixed numbers in the input fields and then select the arithmetic operation and then hit the calculate button. Then you will see the answer in fraction of seconds.

4. Where do we find this Mixed Numbers calculator?

Mixed numbers calculator can find on the website It is absolutely a free tool to use.