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Adding Fractions Calculator

Adding Fractions Calculator: Looking for help in calculating the sum of two fractions? If yes, then utilise this user-friendly Adding Fractions Calculator. This tool just takes the two fractions as inputs and gives the total with a detailed explanation in a short span of time. Learn the step by step process to add two fractions having the same denominators and different denominators on this page.

Ex: 2/5+5/10 (or) 4/9+6/22 (or) 5/34+7/15


Here are some samples of Addition of Fractions calculations.

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Addition of Fractions Calculator computes the sum of any two given fractions. This tool not only gives the exact answer but also provides the simple steps to solve the fraction summation questions. Read the entire article to get the details on how to add like fractions, unlike fractions with solved problems.

Steps to Add Two Fractions

Fraction is a part of the whole thing. Mathematically, it can be represented as a/b here a is the numerator and b is the denominator. Adding two fractions means getting the sum of them. The following mentioned are the steps to calculate the addition of fractions. Go through the guidelines and find the answer.

  • Addition of Like Fractions:
    • Note down any two fractions.
    • As denominators of the fractions are same, add the numerators.
    • The resultant fraction is the addition of like fractions.
  • Addition of Unlike Fractions:
    • Get two fractions with different denominators.
    • Find the least common multiple of denominators.
    • Multiply the numerators and denominators to get the LCM in all denominators.
    • Add the numerators and write the total fraction.

How to Use Adding Fractions Calculator

These are the simple guidelines to get the addition of two fractions.

  • Enter twio fractions on the both sides of the + operand.
  • Hit the calculate button.
  • You will get the addition of two fractions and detailed explanation as result.

Example Questions on Sum of Fractions

Example 1

Add fractions 13/21 + 15/16?


The given fractions are 13/21 and 15/16

Find L.C.M of two denominators i.e 21, 16 is 336

13/21 + 15/16 = (13x16 + 15x21)/336

= (208 + 315)/336

Therefore, 13/21 + 15/16 = 523/336.

Example 2

Add fractions with same denominators 1/8 + 5/8


Given two fractions are 1/8 and 5/8

As the denominators for both the fractions are the same you can add the numerators simply to add fractions while leaving the denominator unaltered.

1/8 + 5/8 = (1 + 5)/8

= 6/8 = 3/4

Therefore, 1/8 + 5/8 = 3/4.

Example 3

Add fractions with different denominators 7/4 + 4/5


Given fractions are 7/4, 4/5

L.C.M of 4, 5 is 20.

Multiplying numerators and denominators to get the LCM in all fraction denominators

7/4 + 4/5 = (7 x 5)/20 + (4 x 4)/20

= 35/20 + 16/20 = 51/20

Therefore, 7/4 + 4/5 = 51/20.

FAQs on Adding Fractions

1. How to add fractions with unlike denominators?

Fractions with unlike denominators means having different denominator. The simple step is to find the LCM of denominators and add the numerators.

2. Find sum of 2/5 + 1/3?

Two unlike fractions are 2/5, 1/3

LCM of 5, 3 is 15

2/5 + 1/3 = 6/15 + 5/15 = 11/15

3. How to add fractions to whole numbers?

To add a whole number to the fraction, convert the whole number into a fraction by placing 1 in the denominator. Now, compare the denominators, make them common and add numerators.

4. How to add two fractions?

The simple technique we refer is make use of our free Adding Fractions Calculator and get the total of fractions quickly.