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Multiplying Fractions Calculator: Do you want to find the product of two like or unlike fractions in an easy way? Then you must use our Product of Fractions Calculator. This calculator takes multiplicand fraction, multiplier fraction nad gives their product as the outcome in a short span of time. You can even learn the steps to calculate the multiplication of fractions on this page.

Ex: 2/5*5/10 (or) 4/9*6/22 (or) 5/34*7/15


What is Multiplying Fractions?

A fraction has two parts i.e numerator followed by denominator. It can be represented in the form of a/b. The fractions can be classified into three types proper fraction, mixed fraction and improper fraction.

In mathematics, multiplication is a process of repeated addition denoted by "x" symbol. The parts of multiplication are multipliucand, multiplier and product. Multiplicand is the number to be multipled, multiplier is the number which we multiply and product is the result of multiplication process. The form of multiplication is multiplicand x multiplier = product

In the same of multiplying two fractions can be represented as a/b x c/d = ac/bd.

Steps to Multiply Fractions

These are the simple steps to multiply two proper fractions. Follow these guiding principles and guides to get the product of fractions.

  • Get any two fractions to perform multiplication operation.
  • Multiply the both numerators of the frcations together to get product numerator.
  • In a similar way multiply the denominators to get denominator of product.
  • Simplify the fraction to the smallest possible fraction with both numerator and denominator reduced proportionately.

Solved Problems on Fractions Product

Problem 1

Multiply the fractions 8/5 and 12/15?


Given input fractions are 8/5 and 12/15

According to the rules multiply numerators together and denominators together.

(8/5) x (12/15) = (8 x 12)/(5 x 15)

= 96/75

Problem 2

Find the product of 17/14 and 6/43


Given input fractions are 17/14 and 6/43

Multiply both numerators together and denominators together.

17/14 x 6/43 = (17 x 6)/(14 x 43)

= 102/602 = 51/301

Steps to use Multiplying Fractions Calculator

  • Firstly, enter the input fractions in the specified input fields
  • After giving the inputs click on the enter button.
  • Finally, you will get the multiplication of fractions displayed on the output page.

FAQs on Multiplication of Fractions

1. What is the most important rule for multiplying fractions?

The important rule that should be followed while multiplying fractions is numerators are multiplied together and denominators are multiplied together.

2. Why do we multiply fractions?

Multiplication is a process of repeated addition. You are multiplying two fractions means the first fraction is added to itself second fraction times to get the result.

3. How do you multiply fractions?

Provide the fractions details in the input fields of the calculator and tap on the calculate button. You can check the multiplication of those fractions in a fraction of seconds.

4. Find the product of 1/7 and 5/16?

1/7 x 5/16 = (1 x 5)/(7 x 16)

= 5/112.