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Subtracting Fractions Calculator: Learn the detailed step by step process to subtract fractions with the same or different denominators. To find the difference between two like fractions and unlike fractions easily, use this free calculator tool. Just you need to give two fractions in the specified input fields of the Subtracting Fractions Calculator and tap on the calculate button to check the result.

Ex: 2/5-5/10 (or) 4/9-6/22 (or) 5/34-7/15


What is meant by Subtracting Fractions?

In mathematics, the fraction is a part of the whole. Subtracting fractions means taking one fraction from another fraction. Generally, we have two types of fractions i.e like fractions and unlike fractions. The fractions that are having the same denominators are called like fractions, fractions with different denominators are called unlike fractions. In the below sections we are giving the detailed steps to subtract like and unlike fractions.

The simple formula to subtract any two fractions is provided here:

a/b - c/d = (a x d - b c x)/(b x d)

Step by Step Process to Subtract Fractions

Below listed are the simple steps that are useful to find the difference between like and unlike fractions.

Subtracting Fractions with like denominators

  • Take any two fractions with same denominators.
  • Subtract the numerators.
  • Write the new fraction having the subtracted value as numerator and original denominator as the difference.

Subtracting Fractions with Unlike denominators

  • Get any two frcations with different denominators.
  • Find the least common multiple of the denominators.
  • Multiply both numerator, denominator of every fraction by a number that makes its denominator equal to LCM value.
  • Subtract the numerators of both fractions and write the result.

Example Questions on Subtracting Fractions

Example 1

Subtract 8/15 and 2/15?


Given Inputs 8/15 and 2/15

As the denominators of both fractions are same simply subtract the numerators

8/15 - 2/15 = (8 - 2)/15

= 6/15 = 2/5


Example 2

Subtract 7/5 and 6/21?

Solution: Given Input Values are 7/5 and 6/21

As the denominators are different find the LCM of denominators.

LCM of 5, 21 is 105

Multiply both the numerator and denominator of each fraction by the number that makes its denominator equal the LCM.

7/5 - 6/21 = (7x21)/(5x21) - (6x5)/(21x5)

= 147/105 - 30/105

= (147 - 30)/105

= 117/105

How to use the Subtracting Fractions Calculator?

Here you will find some simple advices and help to learn subtraction of fractions. They are as follows

  • The first step is provide the input values on both sides of - symbol.
  • Press the calculate button after the input fields.
  • You can see the subtracted fraction value in a fraction of seconds.

Frequently Asked Question's on Subtracting Fractions

1. How to subtract fractions using a calculator?

Enter the fractions in the input fields of the Subtract Fractions Calculator and press the calculate button. You can check the difference between those fractions in the output section.

2. What is the rule for subtracting fractions?

The important rule to subtract fractions is they must have the same denominator. If the denominators are the same, then just subtract the numerators. In the case of different denominators, make them common by cross-multiplication or LCM and subtract the numerators.

3. How do you subtract fractions with different denominators?

Find the least common multiple of both denominators. Make both fractions as equivalent fractions. Then subtract new numerators.

4. Solve 1/2 - 1/3?

1/2 - 1/3 = (1 x 3 - 1 x 2)/(2 x 3)

= (3 - 2)/6

= 1/6