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Multiplying 3 Fractions Calculator

This free Multiplying Three Fractions Calculator tool gives the product of 3 fractions in a short span of time. Just give the numerators, denominators of fractions as inputs in the respective fields of the calculator and click on the calculate button. Then you will get the fractions product as output quickly.

Ex: 7/8*7/9*5/6 (or) 2/3*17/19*15/26 (or) 12/13*17/9*15/16


Here are some samples of Addition of Fractions calculations.

Product of 3 Fractions Calculator: Do you want a tool that shares knowledge regarding multiplication of fractions? Then you are at the correct place. We are providing the full-fledged information on multiplying 3 fractions on this page. You can see how to multiply three fractions, some example quesions with step by step explanation.

Steps to Multiply Three Fractions

Below mentioned is the step by step process to calculate the product of 3 fractions easily.

  • Take any three fractions where numerator or denominator are not equal to zeto.
  • Firstly, multiply the numerators of the fractions to get the numerator product.
  • Also, multiply the denominators of the fractions together to get the denominator product.
  • Reduce the fraction to the lowest term.

Problems on Multiplication of 3 Fractions

Problem 1: Solve 5/7 x 2/9 x 11/13?


Given fractions are 5/7 x 2/9 x 11/13

Multiplication of numerators = 5 x 2 x 11 = 110

Multiplication of denominators = 7 x 9 x 13 = 819

Final product = 110 / 819

3/5 x 4/9 x 15/24 = 110/819

Problem 2: Solve 12/15 x 7/14 x 13/18?


Given fractions are 12/15 x 7/14 x 13/18

Multiplication of numerators = 12 x 7 x 13 = 1092

Multiplication of denominators = 15 x 14 x 18 = 3780

Final product = 1092 / 3780 = 13/45

3/5 x 4/9 x 15/24 = 13/45

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Multiplying 3 Fractions Calculator

Steps to Use Multiply 3 Fractions Calculator

  • Enter the values of three fractions in the input fields.
  • Click on the calculate button.
  • The product of those 3 fractions will be appeared on the screen.

FAQs on Multiplying Three Fractions Calculator

1. How to multiply three fractions together?

For multiplying three fractions together, you have to follow these rules. Multiply all the numerators together and denominators together. Write the product numerator, denominator as a fraction to obtain the result.

2. Define a fraction and its types?

A fraction is a ratio of two numbers i.e numerator and denominator. We have three different types of fractions, they are proper fraction, improper fraction and mixed fraction.

3. Solve 5/8 x 2/7 x 3/11?

5/8 x 2/7 x 3/11 = (5 x 2 x 3)/(8 x 7 x 11)

= 30/616

= 15/308.

4. How do you multiply three fractions on a calculator?

Give the numerator, denominator values of three fractions as inputs. Press the calculate button to find the product of three fractions as result.