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Complex Fractions Calculator

Using Complex Fractions calculator can be the easiest and most convenient way to add, subtract, divide and multiply the two complex fractions. All you have to do is simply insert the values into input fields and press the calculate button and soon you will get the answer in a blink of an eye.

Ex: [5(1/3) ÷ -6/15] + [7/3 ÷ -1(1/5)] (or) [5(1/3) ÷ 6/15] - [7/3 ÷ 1(1/5)] (or) [5(1/3) ÷ 6/15] ÷ [7/3 ÷ 1(1/5)]


Here are some samples of Complex Fractions calculations.

Complex Fractions Calculator: Are you facing difficulty in calculating complex fractions? Then you are at the right place. By using complex fractions calculator you can easily add, multiply, divide and subtract complex fractions and get answers very easily and quickly. And also for the convinience of the user we are giving you definition, solved problems and also procedures.

What is Complex Fraction?

Complex Fraction is a fraction which consists of one or more fractions (in numerator or denominator or both) inside it.
For example, we have a complex fraction as (p/q)/(r/s). Here p/q is numerator and r/s is denominator.

How to Solve Complex fractions?

Follow the steps below to calcualte complex fractions manually. By following these steps you will never make a mistake in calculating complex problems.

  • For simplifying complex fractions into lowest form, first, you need to write down the values which are given in the problem.
  • For adding and subtracting two complex fractions, you need to find the Least common denominator(LCD) by finding the least common multiple and make some math operations to get the simplest form.
  • Next, if you want to divide or multiply, just use simple division rule or follow some arithematic rules with fractions.
  • Finally, you will get the answer, by further simplification you can reduce the fraction into simple form.

Solved Example for Complex Fraction


Question: Solve the complex fraction (5(6/7) ÷ 71/12) + (13/5 ÷ 9)


Given complex fraction is (5(6/7) ÷ 71/12) + (13/5 ÷ 9)

Simplify complex fractions

(5(6/7) ÷ 71/12) = 41/7 ÷ 71/12

L.C.M of 7,12 is 84

84 x (41/7) ÷ 84 x (71/12) = 492/497

13/5 ÷ 9 = 13/5 ÷ 9/1

L.C.M of 5, 1 is 5.

5 x (13/5) ÷ 5 x (9/1) = 13/45

The given fractions are 492/497 nad 13/45

LC.M of 497, 45 is 22365

= (492x45 + 13x497)/22365

= (22140 + 6461)/22365

= 28601/22365

So, (5(6/7) ÷ 71/12) + (13/5 ÷ 9) = 28601/22365

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FAQs on Complex Fractions Calculator

1. What is complex fraction?

A complex fraction is an expression that has a fraction in its numerator and denominator.

2. How to you calculate complex fractions easily?

You can calculate complex fractions easily by using our complex fraction calculator available in

3. How to use complex fraction calculator?

To use complex calculator all you have to do is just fill the input values in the given input fields and click on calculate button, then you will the answer in split second.

4. Where can I get a detailed process to calculate complex fractions to its lowest form?

You can get a detailed process to calculate complex fractions on our complex fraction calculator page.

Complex Fraction Calculator