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Solve for X Fraction Calculator

Get help from this instant and handy tool ie., Solve for X Fraction Calculator to find the x value in the fractions easily. Simply enter the input fraction values in the input field & avail the result in no time after clicking the calculate button.

Ex: 7/9 = y/5 (or) z/9 = 7/8 (or) 8/9 = 3/x


Here are some samples of Solve for X Fraction calculations.

Solve for X Fraction Calculator: Do you feel worried when solving the value of X in Fractions? Then, don't worry at all, we have come up with the free online and handy tool ie., Solve for X Fractions Calculator. Make the most out of this Solve for X Fraction Calculator to find the value of X using a cross multiplication method. This calculator is designed in such a way that people can understand the concept behind the calculation of solving for X in Fractions effortlessly with the detailed Explanation.

How to Solve for X in Fractions Using Cross Multiplication?

Here is the method called cross-multiplication to solve for X in Fractions. We have compiled three simple steps to find the value of x in the fractions below. Follow the points clearly and make your calculations easy and faster by hand. The steps are as follows:

  • In the first step, you have to cross multiply the first and seconds fractions.
  • In the second step, solve the equation for X by multiplying the top and bottom of the second fraction by the denominator of the first fraction.
  • In the third/final step, simplify for X by canceling the denominator value on both sides to get the cross multiplied value as the result of X.

Get a comprehensive solution to your math problem on solve for X in the fractions with our Solve for X Fraction Calculator. Check out all of our online calculators on fractions from & practice your math skills and understand the concept by providing a detailed explanation of the problem.


Question: Solve the value of x in the given fraction 8/5 = 6/x using cross-multiplication


Given equation is 8/5 = 6/x for solving x in the fraction

Now, we are going to solve the X value in the fraction by Cross Multiplication

At Step-1, cross multiply the fractions

⇒ 8/5 = 6/x

⇒ 8 × x = 5 × 6

At Step-2, Solve the equation for X

⇒ 8x = 5 × 6

⇒ x = 5 × 6 ÷ 8

⇒ x = 3.75

Therefore, the value of x in the fraction 8/5 = 6/x is 3.75.

Solve for X Fraction Calculator

FAQs on Solve for X Fraction Calculator

1. What is meant by Cross Multiplication?

Cross multiplication is the process of multiplying the numerator of one side to the denominator of the other side, effectively crossing the terms over.

2. What is the standard form to represent the cross-multiplication?

If the equation between two fractions is given in the form a/b = c/d then ad = bc or a = bc/d is the cross multiplication standard form of expression.

3. How do you solve for x in Fractions easily?

By using the Solve for X Fraction Calculator, you can easily solve the x value in the given fractions also you can learn the concept behind the calculation with illustrated show work.

4. Where should I get the detailed procedure on solving the X in Fractions using Cross Multiplication?

You can definitely get the detailed procedure on solving the X in Fractions using Cross Multiplication on our page.