Simplifying Fractions Calculator

Use this free Simplifying Fractions Calculator tool to minimize proper fractions to its simple form or convert improper fractions to mixed form easily. All you need to do is type the fraction in the input field and tap on the calculate button to get the result in the blink of an eye.

Simplifying Fractions Calculator: Are you thinking that simplifying fractions is hard? Do not fear! Here, We have came up with an quick tool that reduces the fraction instantaneously. And also we have explained stepwise process on how to simplify the fractions to its lowest form easily. Read on!.

What do you Mean by Simplifying Fractions?

Before seeing about simplifying fraction, first we will know about what is fraction?

Fraction is nothing but ratio of two numbers, and simplyfying fraction is the process of minimizing the numerator and denominator value into simple whole number.

How to Simplify Fractions into Lowest Terms?

Simplifying fractions is easy and quick by using simplifying fractions calculator. Here, we have also shared step by step process to do it manually. By following these steps you can do it easily by yourself too.

  • First you need to write down given values in the problem and find the factors for the given fraction.
  • Then, we need to find the GCF of that fraction and divide the fraction by the common divisor.
  • That's simple, finally you will get the simplest form of fraction.

Simplifying the Fractions with Examples

Lets see some sample example for simplifying fractions


Question: Simplify the fraction 36/18?


Given, Fraction = 36/18

Here, GCF(36,18) = 18



Thus, 36/18 reduced to its lowest form is 2/1 i.e. 2.

FAQs on Simplifying Fractions

1. What do you mean by simplifying fractions?

Simplifying fraction is nothing but reducing the fraction into simplest form.

2. How do you do simply fractions step by step?

  • You need to find the GCF of the given fraction
  • Then you need to divide it until it becomes 1.
  • Then the final lowest fraction is the simplified form of fraction.

3. How to you simplify fractions using a simplifying fractions calculator?

All you have to do is give the input field of the calculator and tap the calculate button to get the fraction reduced to its lowest form.

Simplifying Fraction Calculator