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Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator

Utilize this free tool to simplify complex fractions into the simplest form. Just you need to provide the input fraction in the input field and press the calculate button to get the result instantly along with detailed steps.

Ex: 1(3/5) ÷ 78 (or) 3/5 ÷ 8 (or) 20 ÷ 18


Here are some samples of Simplifying Complex Fractions calculations.

Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator: Thinking that how to simplify complex fractions? Don't worry, it can be a little difficult task while calculating the lengthy problems. But by using this simplifying complex fraction calculator you can simplify the lengthy problems also in seconds. All you need to do is just give any type of fractions in the given input fields and tap the calculate button, you will see the answer in seconds. Not only that, relatively we have also given you detailed procedure to solve the problem easily.

What is meant by Simplifying Complex Fraction?

In mathematics, complex fraction is described as a fraction in which numerator or denominator contains one or more fractions. By using any one method we can simplify the any type of complex fractions. Let us see what are they:

  1. LCD Multiplication
  2. Fraction Division

How to Simplify Complex Fractions?

As we have seen in the above definition simplifying complex fractions can be done by using two methods. Here, we are going to explain step by step process of simplifying complex fraction using each method.

Steps for LCD Multiplication Method

  • First, if you are given mixed fractions or any improper fractions in problem, simplify them.
  • Next, we need to find the LCD(Least common denominator) for all fractions given in that complex fraction.
  • Now, the LCD which you get should be multiplied with the numerator and the denominator given in that complex fraction.
  • After that, finally we can simplify to the lowest form. It may be mixed fraction or any type of fraction you get wll be the final output.

Steps for Fraction Division Method

  • At starting, we will convert the any type of fraction which is given in the problem to its lowest form.
  • Then, we will divide the fractions.
  • For dividing the fraction apply the division rule, i.e. multiply the fractions by making the second fraction in a reciprocal form.
  • Finally, you can simply that fraction into the simplest form.

Simplifying Complex Fractions with Examples


Question1: Simplify the complex fractions (5 1/4)/(4 3/2)


Given, inputs (5 1/4), (4 3/2)

First, convert the mixed numbers to fractions

(5 1/4)/(4 3/2)= 21/4 /11/2

Simplifying this complex fractions using LCD multiplication

Now, we wil find the least common multiples for denominators i.e. 4 and 2

LCD of 4 and 2 is 4

Next, multiply the numerator and denominator with LCD

4 x 21/4 ÷ 4 x 11/2 = 21/22

Finally, simplify the fractions to mixed numbers or reduce fractions if possible

Thus, the simplification of a complex fraction (5 1/4)/(4 3/2) is 21/22

Question 2: Simplify the complex fractions (15 4/5)/(13 5/6)


Given, inputs (15 4/5),(13 5/6)

First, convert the mixed numbers to fractions

(15 4/5)/(13 5/6)= (79/5) /(83/6)

Simplifying complex fraction using Fraction Division

Now, use the division rule,i.e. multiply the fractions by making the second fraction in a reciprocal form.

79/5 x 6/83 = 473/415

simplify the fractions to mixed numbers or reduce fractions if possible

473/415 = 1 59/415

Thus, the simplification of a complex fraction is (15 4/5)/(13 5/6)1 59/415 in the simplest form.

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FAQs on Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator

1. What is Complex Fraction?

Complex fraction that has fraction in numerator and denominator or both have fractions.

2. How do you change complex fraction to simple fractions?

To change complex fractions into simple fractions we can use 2 methods. one is LCD multiplication and another one is fraction division method.

3. How to use a simplifying complex fraction calculator?

Just give the input values in the input fields of the calculator and then click on the Calculate Button to get the simplified complex fractions output easily in less time.

Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator