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Percent to Fraction Calculator

If you need help with converting Percent to Fraction avail the handy online tool and convert to Fraction immediately. Enter Percent in the input field of the Percent to Fraction Calculator and change to Fraction by simply tapping on the calculate button.

Ex: 78 (or) 48 (or) 34

Percent to Fraction of

Here are some samples of Percentage to Fraction conversion calculations.

Percent to Fraction Calculator: Percentages and Fractions are used in our day to day lives to compare quantity. You may need conversion from Percent to Fraction at some point in our life. To save your time and help you get a good hold of the concept we have come up with an online tool that converts Percent to Fraction easily. Make your Calculations quick and easy with the handy tool and understand the concept well with examples given below.

How to Convert Percent to Fraction?

There are a few ways to convert Percentage to Fraction. We have jotted the two methods to change from Percent to Fraction. Follow along to know about them in detail.

Method 1: Change to Decimal and then to Fraction

One way of converting Percent to Fraction is to first change from Percent to Decimal and then Decimal to Fraction.

  • To convert to decimal value firstly divide the Percent Value by 100.
  • Remove the % symbol from the decimal number.
  • To finish the conversion, change from decimal to fraction. 
  • To change from decimal to fraction place the decimal value obtained as the top number over fraction 1.
  • If the decimal number is not a whole number then multiply the top and bottom of the fraction by 10 until the top number is a whole number.
  • Reduce the fraction if needed.

Method 2: Place the Percentage in a Fraction Over 100

  • In this method of changing from Percent to Fraction place the percentage directly as top number over 100.
  • Be sure to remove the % Symbol.
  • If the Top number of the fraction isn't a whole number multiply both top and bottom until the top number is a whole number.


Question: Convert 24% into Fraction?


Given Input Value = 24%

Place the Percentage Value at the top over 100.

= 24/100

Reduce the fraction to its simplest form by dividing top and bottom with its GCF. GCF of 24, 100 is 4 and on dividing, we get the resultant fraction as follows

= 6/25

Therefore, 24% in Fraction is 6/25.

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Percent to Fraction Calculator

FAQs on Percent to Fraction

1. What is meant by Percent?

Percent actually means Out of a Hundred.  It is denoted by a sign (%).

2. What is meant by Fraction?

A fraction is a number of Part of a whole thing.

3. How to Convert Percent to Fraction?

To Change from Percent to Fraction simply place the percentage directly as the top number over 100. If the top number isn't a whole number multiply by 10 both top and bottom until the top number is a whole number.

4. Where do I get the Best Tool for Percent to Fraction Conversion?

You can get the Best Tool for Percent to Fraction Conversion at and you can get accurate and quick results with straightforward descriptions.