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Number Minus Fraction Calculator

Utilise free online Number Minus Fraction Calculator for subtracting a whole number from the fraction in a less amount of time. Enter number, numerator and denominator values of the fraction in the specified input boxes. Press the calculate button to check the exact answer with explanation as early as possible.

Ex. Subtraction of 4 - 1/11 (or) Subtraction of 5 - 3/7 (or) Subtraction of 7 - 13/15


Here are some samples of Subtraction of Fraction from Whole Number calculations.

Number Minus Fraction Calculator: Do you need assistance to subtract a whole number from a fraction? If yes, then use our handy calculator tool. This Calculator not only gives the result but also provides the step by step explanation of the solution. You can get the steps on subtracting a whole number from a fraction and example questions with solutions in the following sections.

How to Subtract Whole Number From a Fraction?

The easiest method to find the subtraction of a whole number from a fraction are given here. Check out them and follow to get the result.

  • Take an expression that has a real number is subtracted from a proper fraction.
  • Multiply the denominator of the fraction with the whole number.
  • Subtract the product from the numerator.
  • Now write the result i.e subtracted value as numerator, original denominator as it is.

Subtraction of Number From a Fraction - Examples

The simple formula that is useful to subtract a real number from a fraction is along the lines:

A - B/C = (A * C - B)/C


A is the whole number

B/C is the fraction having B as numerator, C as denominator

Question 1: Calculate subtraction of 5 - 8/7?


The given expression is 5 - 8/7

5 can be written as 5/1 in fractional form

The given fractions are 5/1 and 8/7

L.C.M of 1, 7 is 7

5 - 8/7 = (5x7 - 8x1)/7

= (35 - 8)/7

Therefore, 5 - 8/7 = 27/7 is an advanced mathematics tool where you can learn, practice, and discover various topics. The handy calculator tools available solve any type of problems easily as well as fastly.

Number Minus Fraction Calculator

Steps to Use Number Minus Fraction Calculator

  • Provide the whole number, fraction on the both sides of "-" operator.
  • Hit the calculate button.
  • The result with step by step process to solve it will be displayed.

Frequently Asked Question's on Number Minus Fraction

1. What is a number minus a fraction calculator?

Whole Number minus Fraction Calculator is a tool that helps to subtract a whole number from a proper fraction. Just provide the number, fraction as inputs and obtain the output quickly.

2. How to subtract a number and a fraction?

For subtracting a number from the fraction, multiply the denominator of the fraction with the whole number. Subtract the product from the numerator and write the fraction.

3. Find 8 - 15/20?

8 - 15/20 = 8 - 3/4

= (8 x 4 - 3)/4

= (32 - 3)/4

= 29/4

4. What is the formula to calculate number minus fraction?

The formula to subtract a whole number from a fraction is (AC - B)/C. Where A is the whole number, B/C is the fraction.