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Multiplying Mixed Numbers Calculator

Make use of this free multiplying mixed numbers calculator tool to display the Product of two mixed numbers. For this you have to fill the input fields with numbers and then select the multiplication operation and then click the calculate button. You will get the answer in fraction of seconds.

Ex. 1 3/4 × 2 7/8 (or) 3 5/7 × 1 3/7 (or) 1 9/11 × 4 13/17


Here are some samples of multiplication of Mixed Numbers calculations.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Calculator: Looking for a tool which performs calculation faster? Then this multiplying mixed numbers calculator tool is for you. Use this calculator and complete your homework and assignments faster. Along with the calculator we are also providing definitions, formulas and also procedure to calculate manually. Check it!!

How to Multiply Mixed Numbers?

Mixed numbers is also called as mixed fractions. Multiplying Mixed fractions is very simple and easy. By changing mixed numbers into improper fractions, and by using the formula we can multiply the mixed numbers and reduce it to lowest form.

(a / b) * (c / d) = (a * c) / (b * d).


a/b, c/d are fractions

a,b,c,d are integers.

Step by Step Process to Multiply Mixed Numbers

Here are some simple steps to multiply the mixed numbers manually.

  • Write down the two mixed fractions that was given in the question.
  • Convert the mixed fraction into improper fraction.
  • Then, use the algebraic formula.
  • Then simplify the multiplication of mixed fractions.
  • After that, reduce it to its lowest form.
  • Finally, convert the fraction into mixed number.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers with Example


Question: Solve 3(4/5) * 11(4/8)?


Given, 3(4/5) * 11(4/8)

Convert the mixed numbers to improper fractions

Mixed fraction 1: 3(4/5) = ((3*5)+4)/5 = 19/5

Mixed fraction 2: 11(4/8) = ((11*8)+4)/8 = 92/8

Apply the Formula

(19/5)x(92/8) = (19 x 92)/(5 x 8) = 1748/40

= 437/10

Convert fraction into mixed number

437/10 = 43(7/10)

3(4/5) * 11(4/8) = 43(7/10)

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FAQs on Multiplying Mixed Numbers Calculator

1. What is the formula for multiplying mixed numbers?

Formula for multiplying mixed numbers is (a / b) * (c / d) = (a * c) / (b * d).

2. Solve the product of 3(4/6) and 2(6/7)?

3(4/6) * 2(6/7) change to improper fraction, (22/6)*(20/7)

(22/6)*(20/7) = (22 x 20)/(6 x 7) = 440/42 = 220/21

3. How to use multiplying mixed numbers calculator?

To use multiplying mixed numbers calculator, all you have to do is fill the input values and select the arithmetic operation and hit the calculate button then you will see the answer in seconds.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Calculator