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Free online simple Fractions Average calculator tool will calculate the average of fractions in fraction of seconds. Enter all the fractions in the input field, and click the calculate button to get the result easily and quickly.

Ex. 1/2,3/4,1/12 (or) 1/2,3/4,-9(1/12) (or) 11/23,3/4,12/18

Average of Fractions

How to Find Average of Fractions?

To find average of fractions, here we will see step by step process. By following these steps you can make the calculation easily.

  • First you need to write down the given set of fractions.
  • If there is any integers, mixed fractions in the given set then convert them to improper fractions.
  • you need to recast the fractions and improper fractions like an addition equation.
  • Then, find the LCD(least common denominator) for the fractions.
  • Now, add all the fractions and keep that sum above the denominator.
  • After that, check if any of the fraction can be reduced to simple form.
  • Now, divide the fractions by the no.of fractions you have in the given problem.
  • Now, simplify the fraction till it comes to the lowest form. Then you will get the average of fractions easily.

Finding Average of fractions with Example


Question: Find the average of fractions 5(3/7), 52/65, 20/89, 3/6?


Given fractions are 5(3/7), 52/65, 20/89, 3/6

The L.C.M of 7, 65, 89, 6 is 242970

Rewriting as equivalent fractions with LCM

= 1318980/242970, 194376/242970, 54600/242970, 121485/242970

= (1318980+194376+54600+121485)/242970

= 1689441/242970

= 43319/6230

Dividing by the number of values: 4.

Fractions are 43319/6230 and 4/1

Dividing both frcations 43319/6230 ÷ 4/1

Then the denominator of the first fraction i.e., 6230 will come to the numerator of the second fraction and gets multiplied,

And in the same way, the denominator of the second fraction i.e., 1 will come to the numerator of the first fraction and gets multiplied:

43319/6230 ÷ 4/1 = (43319x1)/(6230x4)

On Multiplying the denominators and the numerators, the fraction value we get, 43319/24920

The average of fractions 5(3/7), 52/65, 20/89, 3/6 is 43319/24920

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FAQs on Fractions Average Calculator

1. How to solve the Average of Fractions?

Average of calculations can be simplified by adding up the fractions and divide the sum by the number of fractions we have. Finally, you will get the answer.

2. How to use Average fraction Calculator?

To use Average Fraction Calculator tool, all you need to is just give the input values in the input field and click the calculate button. Finally you will see the answer in no time.

3. What is the best tool to find average of fractions easily?

Fractions Average Calculator is the best tool to calculate average of farctions at