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Fraction to Percent Calculator

Fraction to Percent calculator is a free tool that converts fraction to decimal in a fraction of seconds and saves your precious time. For that, you just need to give input value in the given field and tap the calculate button and you will see the answer in no time.

Ex: 2/5 (or) 25/55 (or) 28/54


Here are some samples of Fraction to Percent calculations.

Fraction to Percent Calculator: Do you need a calculator which gives accurate answers to check your solutions? Then this tool is for you. Fraction to percent calculator converts fraction to percent quickly and also people who dont know how to convert fraction to decimal also check this calculator, because we have given formula, problems and definition in detail, so that you can learn very easily.

What is meant by Fraction to Percent?

Before knowing the meaning of Fraction to percent, we will see what is fraction and percent seperately. Fraction in simple words we can say that number of equal parts in a whole quantity. For example if we say 3/4 is fraction, here, 3 is no.of equal parts and 4 is the whole quantity.

Coming to percent, it is nothing but it is a fraction of 100. For Example, if we take 35%, can be written in fraction as 35/100.

Now, conversion of fraction to percent can be done by just multiply the fraction with 100 and then reduce it to percent.

Fraction to Percent Formula

Converting the fraction to percent is very easy and if you use formula to convert the fraction to percent you will never forget. Below is the formula.

n/d * 100 = p


n is the numerator.

d is the denominator.

p is the percentage.

Steps to Convert the Fraction to Decimal

Here, we will see step by step on how to convert fraction to percent by using the formula manually.

  • First, you need write a fraction and divide the fraction.
  • Then, you will get a decimal value.
  • Multiply that decimal value with 100.
  • Thats it! you will get a percentage.

Conversion of Fraction to Percent with Example


Question: Convert fraction 1/4 into percent form?


Given fraction is 1/4

Step 1: Change the fraction value 1/4 to a decimal value. Divide numerator 1 with 4 to obtain the decimal

1/4 = 0.25

Given decimal value is 0.25

The Formula to Convert from Decimal to Percentage is p = d × 100

Put the values in the formula

p = 0.25 x 100

Therefore, 1/4 in percentage is 25%.

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FAQs on Fraction to Percent Conversion

1. How to convert fraction to percent?

To convert fraction to decimal, you need to divide numerator by denominator and then multiply with 100.

2. What is the formula to convert fraction to percent?

Formula, numerator/denominator *100 = percent

3. Is there any easy way to convert Fraction to decimal?

Yes, you can use fraction to percent calculator in

Fraction to Percent Calculator