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Fraction Square Root Calculator

Fraction Square Root Calculator is a free online tool that displays the square root of the given fraction effortlessly. You just need to enter the fraction numerator, denominator and click on the calculate button to avail its square root as output within seconds.

Ex: 16/81 (or) 4/16 (or) 25/36


Here are some samples of Square Root of Fractions calculations.

Fraction Squareroot Calculator: Calculating the square root of a fraction is not going to be tough again for you with this user-friendly tool. This handy calculator provides the output i.e fraction square root value in a fraction of seconds. From the following sections, you will be able to learn how to find the fraction square root, its formula. Also, see the solved example questions here.

Steps to find Square Root of Fraction

Check out the simple steps that helps to compute the fraction square root.

  • Take any fraction in the form of a/b.
  • To get the square root of a/b you have to find the square root of both numerator and denominator.
  • So, √(a/b) = √a/√b
  • After that simply the fractions.

Examples on Fraction Squareroot

Question 1: Find the square root of 10/13?


Given fraction is 10/13

√(10/13) can be written as √10/√13

Finding the numerator Square Root and Denominator Square Root we get the value as 3.16/3.6

Therefore the square root of the fraction 10/13 is 0.877.

Fraction Squareroot Calculator

How to Use Square Root of a Fraction Calculator

  • Provide the fraction details iin the input box.
  • Tap on the calculate button.
  • The fraction square root value with explanation will get displayed on the screen.

FAQs on Fraction Squareroot Calculator

1. How do you find the square root of a fraction without a calculator?

To solve the fraction square root, split the square root for the numerator, denominator. Find the value of each root and place them in the fraction.

2. What is meant by fraction square root?

Fraction is a ratio of two numbers i.e numerator, denominator. The fraction square root means applying square root to the fraction i.e √(a/b) = √a/√b.

3. Find √(25/64)?

√(25/64) = √25/√64

= 5/8

4. Where can I get the process to solve the fraction square roots?

You can check the detailed process to the solve the fraction square root from page.