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Division of Fractions for 35/16 and 68/67

Dividing Fractions Calculator determines the fractions division between fractions 35/16 and 68/67 i.e. 2345/1088 through a quick and easy way.

Ex: 2/5÷5/10 (or) 4/9÷6/22 (or) 5/34÷7/15


Detailed Solution for the division of fractions 35/16 and 68/67

The given fractions are 35/16 and 68/67

On dividing the both fractions,35/16 ÷ 68/67

Then the denominator of the first fraction i.e., 16 will comes to the numerator of the second fraction and gets multiplied,

And in the same way,the denominator of the second fraction i.e., 67 will comes to the numerator of the first fraction and gets multiplied:

35/16 ÷ 68/67 = 35 x 67/16 x 68

On Multiplying the denominators and the numerators,the fraction value we get,


Result: 2345/1088

Dividing Fractions Calculation Examples

FAQs on Division Fractions of 35/16 and 68/67

1. How do you divide fractions 35/16 and 68/67?

You can divide fractions 35/16 and 68/67 by following the below steps.

  • Initially, Flip the second fraction
  • After that multiply the fractions first and reciprocal one
  • You will get the resultant output i.e. division of fractions 2345/1088 on multiplying the numerators and denominators individually.

2. What is division of fractions 35/16 and 68/67?

Division of fractions 35/16 and 68/67 is 2345/1088 .

3. How to divide fractions35/16 and 68/67on a calculator?

You can divide fractions 35/16 and 68/67 on a calculator by simply placing the "÷" sign and clicking on the enter button.