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Convert decimal to percent by taking the help of this free tool decimal to percent calculator provided in this page. Simply enter the input value in the input field and in no time you will see the answer.

Ex:0.56 (or) 0.96 (or) 789.02

Decimal to Percent of

What is Meant by Decimal and Percent?

Decimal can be defined by the number whose whole number part and the decimal part seperated by a decimal point. And percent is the ratio or fraction of 100. For converting the decimal to percent you need to multiply by 100 and add the percentage symbol.

percentage = decimal*100

How to convert decimal to percent?

We will see the step by step process on how to convert decimal to percent

  • To convert decimal value to percent value multiply the decimal number with 100.
  • Then, Add the percentage symbol at the end.
  • For converting between decimal to percentage is p = d × 100
  • Then you will get the answer easily.

Converting decimal to percent with an Example


Question: Convert 0.25 into percent?


Given decimal value is 0.25

The Formula to Convert from Decimal to Percentage is p = d × 100

Place the values in the formula

p = 0.25 x 100

= 25%

Therefore, 0.25 in percentage is 25%.

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FAQs on Decimal to Percentage

1. What is decimal to percent?

Converting decimal to percent is by multiplying decimal with 100 and add the percentage.

2. What is the formula for decimal to percent?

Formula to convert decimal to percent is percent = decimal *100

3. How to utilize Decimal to Percent Calculator?

Just provide the input values in the given field and tap the calculate button to get the answer and you will see answer instantly.