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Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator

Adding Mixed Numbers calculator is 100% free tool to calculate the addition of two mixed numbers within a blink of eyes. For the instant outcomes you need to give the input values then select the addition operation and press on the calculate button.



Here are some samples of Addition of Mixed Numbers calculations.

Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator: Worrying about how to add two mixed numbers? Then, quit worrying! We have a great tool to add the two mixed numbers within seconds. Just by following the given steps in below sections, so that you can also do it manually.

How to Add Mixed Numbers?

Mixed numbers is also called as mixed fractions. If you want to do the adding of two mixed numbers manually, after converting the mixed numbers into improper fractions you need to apply some simple algebraic formula.

(A divided by b) + (c divided by d)= (a multiplied by d) + (b multiplied by c)/ (b multiplied by d)

Formula of Adding Mixed Numbers

Here, we will see the formula of adding mixed numbers.

Formula, (a/b)+(c/d) = (a * d) + (b * C)/ (b *d).


a/b, c/d are fractions.

a,b,c,d are integers.

Steps for Adding Mixed Fractions

If you can follow the guidelines that we have given below, you can easily add mixed numbers manually and effortlessly.

  • Write down the two mixed numbers given in the question.
  • First, change those mixed fractions into improper fractions.
  • Then, we need to apply the formula.
  • Simplify the addition of two mixed numbers.
  • At last, again convert that fraction into a mixed number.

Adding Mixed Numbers with Example


Question: Calculate addition of 12(5/7), 17(3/5)?


Given, mixed numbers are 12(5/7) and 17(3/5)

Addition : 12(5/7) + 17(3/5)

Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Mixed number 1: 12(5/7) = (84 +5) / 7 = 89/7

Mixed number 2: 17(3/5) = (85 +3) / 5 = 88/5

Formula of adding two numbers

a/b + c/d = ad + bc / bd

Add the two fractions

(89 x 5) + (88 x 7) / (7 x 5)

(445 + 616)/ 35


Change the fraction into mixed number

1061/35 = 30(11/35)

Addition of two Mixed numbers is 30(11/35).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Adding Mixed Numbers

1. How to use Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator?

Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator can be used by giving the input values in the input fields and select the add operation and then hit the calculate button. Finally you will see the answer instantaneously.

2. How to add mixed numbers?

You can add mixed numbers by using the formula, i.e. a/b + c/d = (ad + bc)/ bd

3.What is the best tool to add mixed numbers?

For adding mixed numbers we have a smart tool i.e. Adding Numbers Calculator on It is 100% free.

4. Simplify 2(3/4)+ 5(4/5) by converting into improper fractions?

Improper fraction 1: 2(3/4) = 2 + 3/4 = 11/3

Improper fraction 2: 5(4/5) = 5 + 4/5 = 29/5

2(3/4)+ 5(4/5), Apply the formula

(11 x 5) + (29 x 4) / 4x5 = 171/20

Change 171/20 to mixed number = 8(11/20)