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Addition of Fractions 96/83 and 88/98

Adding Fractions Calculator determines the addition of fractions 96/83 and 88/98 i.e. 8356/4067 along with step by step process.

Ex: 2/5+5/10 (or) 4/9+6/22 (or) 5/34+7/15


Detailed Solution for Addition of Fractions 96/83 and 88/98

The given fractions are 96/83 and 88/98

Firstly the L.C.M should be done for the denominators of the two fractions 96/83 and 88/98


The LCM of 83 and 98 (denominators of the fractions) is 8134

Given numbers has no common factors except 1. So, there LCM is their product i.e 8134

= 96 x 98 + 88 x 83/8134

= 9408 + 7304/8134

= 16712/8134

= 8356/4067

Result: 8356/4067

Adding Fractions Calculation Examples

FAQs on Addition Fractions of 96/83 and 88/98

1. How do you add fractions 96/83 and 88/98 on a calculator?

You can add fractions 96/83 and 88/98 on a calculator by simply placing a + sign between the numbers 96/83 and 88/98 and click on the enter button.

2. What is the addition of fractions 96/83 and 88/98?

Addition of fractions 96/83 and 88/98 is 8356/4067

3. How to add fractions 96/83 and 88/98?

Firstly, find the LCM of denominators. After finding the LCM of denominators the next step is to multiply the top and bottom of each fraction i.e. 96/83 and 88/98 by the number of times each fraction denominator goes into the LCM.